About the project

The Project “Τ4Η”:

The full project title is “On-Site Hospital Wastewater Management Aimed at Improving the Efficiency of Wastewater Treatment Plants and the Utilization of effluents”. It includes designing, developing, and operating pilot units in hospitals which can satisfactorily and systematically remove pharmaceuticals and other pollutants from hospital wastewater, thus reducing the environmental and public health risk from the disposal of central wastewater treatment plant effluents, respectively.

Objectives of the T4H project

The project’s main objective is to determine if and how the removal of selected Contaminants of Emerging Concerns (CECs) can be achieved through the on-site treatment of hospital wastewater before their discharge to the central sewage wastewater system. A combination of innovative ecological processing technologies on a pilot-scale will be used, showing high performance in the respective experimental tests.

The project aims to determine the impact that these technologies may have on the quality of the final effluents of the Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTPs) in terms of the presence of Pharmaceuticals, Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria (ARBs), and Antibiotic Resistance Genes (ARGs), if they are fully developed in the respective hospitals. The methodology will be based on the monitoring of CECs in the inflow and outflow of WWTPs, the contribution of hospital wastewater to the wastewater pollutant load, and the removal achieved by the pilot unit (mass balance).